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30 years

Health & Human Services

We have all to help people


Esperanza offers a wide range of social and human services through:  Resource Navigators and Social Work Practice.​

A social service and wellness program that advances food security, family healing, mental health, and LGBTQ supports for adults, youth, and families. It is a culturally and linguistically program that optimizes health for Hispanic/Latinx community individuals. The work that Esperanza does is deeply rooted in advancing health equity and anti-racist principles.

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Resource Navigators

Our Resource Navigator program helps low-income residents in Spokane, Adams, and Grant county with unmet medical, housing and food insecurity.

The Resource Navigator will work with you to help open the doors to the resources you need to provide for you and your family. The goal is to improve the overall welfare and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

**Información sobre COVID19, GRIPE y otras vacunas:

Si necesita ayuda para obtener sus registros de vacunas o ubicar una clínica de vacunas, llámenos hoy.

Razones para vacunarse:

  • Para que usted y su familia se mantengan saludables.

  • Para mantener su comunidad saludable.

  • Para proteger a los seres queridos de las enfermedades.

  • Detener la propagación de enfermedades a las poblaciones más vulnerables.

  • Porque otros padres y expertos están de acuerdo en que vacunarse es lo mejora para mantener sana a su familia.

Social Work Practice

Esperanza is a culturally and linguistically attuned mental health service that reaches to Latinx/Hispanic youth, individuals and communities.

Our community center is a refuge where the community feels immediately seen and understood. Nearly all our youth, families, or individuals, experience intersectionality related to race, sexual orientation and expression, and/or disabilities.

Our families also face challenges related to widespread racism and xenophobia that exists within the white-dominant culture of social work practice.

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