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'Replenishing Spokane'| HBPA Economic Program helped Hispanic businesses to survive during pandemic

Nuestras Raíces Centro Comunitario (NRCC) Economic Development Program 'Sin Miedo al Exito' helped fifteen Hispanic and Latin@ businesses get American Rescue Plan funds (ARPA) during the pandemic.

‘Resilience, perseverance and persistence these just a few tools required to reveal our Spokane community following a global pandemic,” said Betsy Wilkerson, Spokane City Councilwoman.

With the help of the ARPA funds, fifteen Hispanic businesses in Spokane could recover and remain in business by successfully overcoming the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NRCC, formerly known as HBPA, serves more than a hundred Hispanic and Latin@ businesses in the community every year.

“Approximately, I would say it served 120 businesses, and that is from the smallest vendor all the way to restaurants that now have two to three restaurants, so we definitely served a large amount of businesses,” said Isabel Mazcot. NRCC V.P. Business and Finance Affairs.

Mazcot said the economic development program is growing due to the need for bilingual resources in the community. She said the center has been able to break the language barrier and educate businesses.

The funds from ARPA have helped HBPA because it allowed the center to continue to grow its program and help empower the community, Mazcot said.

“We appreciate the city for taking us into consideration for receiving our feedback, for using us as the bridge to reach out to the community, and we hope that the city assistance continues to not just the businesses but to nonprofits like HBPA so that we can continue and serve that community in house,” Mazcot said.

Photo: Isabel Mazcot, Nuestras Raíces Centro Comunitario Business and Finance Affairs Vice President.

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