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Nuestras Raíces celebrating 29th Annual bilingual Hispanic-Latine Graduation in the Inland Northwest

Some students during the 28th  Annual Hispanic/Latine Graduation in the Inland Northwest class of 2023.
Photo:Some students during the 28th Annual Hispanic/Latine Graduation in the Inland Northwest class of 2023.

A desire to create a space where Hispanics and Latinos graduating from College and high school can celebrate their accomplishments with their families and show their pride in a meaningful way, started almost three decades ago with a group of students who organized the first-ever HBPA Hispanic ceremony in Spokane. 

Nuestras Raíces formerly known as the Hispanic Professional Business Association (HBPA), has kept the tradition alive to give students a space to celebrate their accomplishments alongside their families.

The bilingual ceremony, in Spanish and English, will be held this year on Thursday, May 2, from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Spokane Community College Gymnasium located at 1810 N. Green St. 

All Hispanic/Latine graduates and 7th to 11th-grade students with a 3.0 GPA or higher who identified as Hispanic/Latine are invited to register and be part of the ceremony. 

They will receive a stool with a flag from their country or a stool with a gender identity flag that best represents them. Students will also receive a certificate for their dedication and hard work.

Wearing a graduation stole holds significant symbolic meaning for many Hispanic and Latine graduates. It represents academic achievements and cultural identities. Its colors represent the colors of a flag or other cultural significance, and it serves as a visual reminder of the collective journey and accomplishments of a graduating class, embodying the dedication, hard work, and resilience demonstrated throughout their academic pursuits.

“Our 29th Annual Recognition Ceremony is a way to receive recognition for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. However, this ceremony is also much more than that --It is a way to connect with their roots and represent part of their identity," said Li Velasco, Latinos Unidos eN Accion Alianza (LUNAA) program manager. 

Li said that during the cultural ceremony, people come together with family and friends to celebrate students' achievements as a community. Students can invite as many family members and guests as they want to celebrate their ‘Hard-Earned Success.’ 

The ceremony will present Hispanic/Latine keynote speakers. Snacks, aguas frescas and tacos by Taqueria Fiesta Brava will be provided for all guests.

During the ceremony, scholarship-awarded students will be recognized. 

These scholarships are possible thanks to Nuestras Raíces Annual Viva Vino Gala fundraiser, which raises funds to support fellow students and help with cultural and educational scholarships and funds for Nuestras Raíces Union Futbol Club.  

Last year, nine students received scholarships. Students can apply for this year's award and be selected. The scholarship application portal will open soon. 

Congratulations class of 2024! Si se pudo!

If you have questions, please send us an email at or call us at 509-557-0566.

Registration for graduation is now open and closes on April 23. Register here

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