HBPA Goals

  1. Acknowledge and encourage our rich Hispanic/Latino culture

  2. Support and promote Hispanic/Latino persons in business, professional and leadership positions

  3. Encourage the educational advancement of Hispanic/Latinos

  4. Support the formation and activities of the non-profit HBPA Foundation, and administer the activities of scholarship fundraising and the annual graduation and recognition ceremony

Types of Association Events & Services

​Monthly Sabes Qué? Speaker Series & Membership Meeting

Dia De Los Muertos Celebration

Viva Vino & Brew Scholarship Fundraiser

​Hispanic Graduate & Young Scholars Recognition Ceremony

Small Business Support

Cosechando Esperanza Hispanic Food Pantry

Application for Social Services (SNAP/EBT, TANIF, WIC, etc.)

Mark Your Calendars

Second Wednesday of Every Month
Sabes Qué? Speaker Series & Membership Meeting

November 1, 2020
Dia De Los Muertos

April 10, 2021
16th Annual ​Viva Vino & Brew Scholarship Fundraiser

May 13, 2021
26th Annual Hispanic Graduates & Young Scholar Recognition Ceremony

Spokane Community Sponsored Events

  • International Women's Day

  • International Cultural Exchange

  • Unity in the Community

  • Winterfest