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Programs that HBPA is involved in

​First, the purpose is to provide educational incentives for youth of Hispanic heritage.  These include: scholarships, partnerships with educational institutions to support Hispanic students, outreach to increase college enrollment, an annual graduation ceremony to celebrate scholarship achievement of Hispanic Youth in 7th through 12th grades and to encourage students to establish lifelong educational goals. 

Second, in promoting the purpose of the Foundation is committed to increasing public awareness and pride in the depth and diversity of Hispanic culture.  

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HBPA Foundation Goals

  1. To provide scholarship to Hispanic students

  2. To provide for recognition ceremony and annual graduation

  3. To outreach for increasing enrollment and participation in college

  4. To promote the partnership between HBPA and educational institutions in supporting Hispanic students

  5. To increase public awareness of the diverse Hispanic culture

HBPA Board

​Fernanda Mazcot, President
Larry Valadez, Vice President

Isabel Mazcot de Torres, VP of Business Relations
Kelly Alvarado-Young, Secretary
Maria Escobedo, Treasurer
Francisco Gutierrez, Membership Coordinator


Foundation Directors:
Daniel Fuentes

Susana Lopez

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